REGRETS Linz - part of Simplicity: the Art of Complexity curated by John Maeda [MIT Media Lab]
Ars Electronica Festival 2006

SEPTEMBER 2006, LINZ, AUSTRIA: Mobile units roaming public space in Linz collect and display anonymous regrets from the public
to comprise a sociological database of time- & site-specific sentiment in the community. Regrets Linz is an interactive archive,
a public conceptual artwork, and a study of communally shared but typically private recollections. |

004_1A 004_2 005_2A 005_3 006_3A 006_4 007_4A 007_5
008_5A 008_6 009_6A 009_7 010_7A 010_8 011_8A 011_9
012_10 012_9A 013_10A 013_11 014_11A 014_12 015_12A 015_13
016_13A 016_14 017_14A 017_15 018_15A 018_16 019_16A 019_17
020_17A 020_18 021_18A 021_19 022_19A 022_20 023_20A 023_21
024_21A 024_22 025_22A 025_23 026_23A 026_24 027_24A 027_25
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