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REGRETS: an interactive archive, public conceptual artwork, and action-research
regarding the human capacity for remorse.

A mobile booth and five nomadic backpack units roam public space in a given community [formerly: Linz, Paris, Santa Bárbara; below: Cambridge, England] collecting and displaying anonymous regrets from local people to comprise a sociological database of time- and site-specific sentiment in the community. In Cambridge, after ten days collecting, local peoples' anonymous regrets were displayed as large animated projections on the facade of the Cambridge City Council Guildhall in the city centre Market Square.

video: Cambridge video: Santa Barbara

Communally shared, but typically private recollections, each regret is like the 'tip of an iceberg', representing fragmentary evidence of a much larger hidden narrative. Together on public display, their random juxtaposition and comic/tragic interplay approaches the epic poignancy of a history poem or saga.

The REGRETS global archive is still growing and contains tens of thousands of regrets, so far in four European languages. The next REGRETS local event anticipates a different alphabet.  •
Jane Mulfinger  •  Graham Budgett   

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